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20th European Bioenergetics Conference
    Budapest, August 25-30, 2018


  • Abstracts can be submitted from February 1 to May 9, 2018 
  • Acceptance notification will be issued in due course after May 9, 2018
  • Please note: Presentation is subject to paid registration fee. Accordingly, abstracts not covered by paid registration will be removed from the Program & Abstracts
  • Program & Abstracts  will be made available for download on this site
  • Please follow the following steps to submit your abstract
  • Each presentation at EBEC 2018 should be accompanied with an abstract
  • Please prepare your abstract by closely following the format requirements and taking the Sample Abstract as reference (Step 2)
  • Abstract should be submitted to EBEC 2018 as an e-mail attachment in a Microsoft World docx-file and in a pdf-file of identical content (Step 3)
  • Abstracts submitted to EBEC 2018 fall in the following presentation categories that should be indicated in the Abstract Submission Form (Step 3)
    • (I)nvited Speaker oral presentation (mark this in Step 3 if the abstract is for an invited speaker presentation)
    • (O)ptional oral presentation (mark this in Step 3 if you would accept an offer from the Organizing Committee to upgrade a poster to an oral presentation had the submitted abstract been qualified based on its merit)
    • (P)oster presentation (mark this in Step 3 when the submitted abstract should be considered as a poster presentation, only)
  • Each submitted abstract will be assigned an Abstract ID by EBEC 2018 once technically processed
  • With this Abstract ID shown, the submitted Abstract and Abstract Submission Form will be returned to the submitting e-mail address for your records
  • Prepare your abstract using Microsoft Word
  • Save your abstract in .docx and .pdf file formats
  • Name your abstract files as
    • [abstract category]=[last name of presenting author]-[title of abstract*].docx
      • Example: P=Perrault-Little Red Riding Hood.docx
    • [abstract category]=[last name of presenting author]-[title of abstract*].pdf
      • Example: P=Perrault-Little Red Riding Hood.pdf


  • Characters [ and ] are NOT to be entered as part of the file name
  • *truncated as necessary



Font: Arial 8

Spacing: 1.5

Left-justified: Title, Authors, Affiliations, E-mail, References

Justified: Main text

Title: Boldface

Author(s): first Name, middle Name(s) initial(s), family Name; underline the name of presenting Author.

Affiliation(s): Italics; in case of multiple authors with different affiliations please use number superscripts.

E-mail: Italics

[leave one line empty]

Text: Max 2,000 characters (including spaces and references, if any; our example is 1,157 characters long)

[leave one line empty]

References: Please use BBA Bioenergetics style:

In the text: [1], [2,3] [4-6]

In the reference list:

1. J.P. Abrahams, A.G. Leslie, R. Lutter, J.E. Walker, Structure at 2.8 Å resolution of F1-ATPase from bovine heart mitochondria, Nature 370 (1994) 621-628




Little Red Riding Hood
Charles Perrault
Department of Folk Tales, Paris Academy of Science, Paris (France)
E-mail: charles.perrault@fairytale.fr


Little Red Riding Hood lives at the edge of a wood. One day, Mum sends her to Grandma’s with a cake, as Grandma isn’t feeling well. Mum tells Little Red Riding Hood to be very careful in the wood-she mustn’t leave the path or talk to strangers. Little Red Riding Hood puts on her red cloak, puts the cake in her basket, and promises to go straight to Grandma’s. In the wood, Little Red Riding Hood meets a wolf. The wolf stops her and asks her where she’s going. She tells the wolf she’s going to Grandma’s. Following the wolf’s suggestion, Little Red Riding Hood wanders off the path to pick some flowers for Grandma and the wolf runs straight to Grandma’s cottage. When the wolf arrives at the cottage he pretends he’s Little Red Riding Hood and swallows Grandma. He quickly puts on her nightdress and nightcap and jumps into bed to wait for an even tastier meal-Little Red Riding Hood. Little Red Riding Hood arrives at Grandma’s and notices what a big nose, big eyes, ears and teeth Grandma has got. She shouts for help and a woodcutter saves her from the wolf. Grandma jumps out of the wolf’s stomach and that’s the last they hear of the big, bad wolf!

Please follow these steps when preparing your submission e-mail message:
  • Note: Only one abstract can be submitted per one e-mail submission! Use separate e-mail messages for multiple submissions!
  • E-mail address: abstract@ebec2018.hu
    • This is where the submission e-mail should be sent to
  • Subject: Abstract File Name
    • Example: P=Perrault-Little Red Riding Hood
  • Main text area: Abstract Submission Form
    • Find below as text marked in green
    • Copy-pase it into the main text area of your e-mail message
  • Abstract Submission Form:
    • Fill out each item (except ABSTRACT ID) according to the format shown in parentheses
  • Attachment 1:
    • Attach the .docx abstract file
  • Attachment 2:
    • Attach the .pdf abstract file


Copy the text in between the lines and paste it into the
message area of your submission e-email

EBEC 2018 - Abstract Submission Form

:: ABSTRACT ID (leave as is): void
:: ABSTRACT TYPE* (choose from I, O, P):
:: AUTHORS (Last name, First name; separated by semicolon):
:: PRESENTING AUTHOR (Last name, First name):
:: CORRESPONDING AUTHOR (Last name, First name):
:: CORRESPONDING AUTHOR (E-mail address):
:: CORRESPONDING AUTHOR (Telephone number):
:: REQUEST (if any; one line, only):

*(I)nvited Speaker, (O)ptional oral, (P)oster


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